Well hello there, I’m Yasmine!

Just like many others, I was told the key to success in life was to follow a very straight and narrow path that consisted of:

1.       Graduating College

2.       Getting a Career

3.       Getting Married

4.       Buying a House

5.       Working for 40+ years

Then after all that is done, I might be able to retire if I played my cards right.

Even though that’s all fine and dandy, I still felt that I was meant for something more. I would day dream about travelling the world, trying new foods, meeting new people and not having to drag myself out of bed each morning to sit in a cubicle.

So, in June 2019, I decided to do something that would change my life… I put in my two-week notice, bought flights to Japan and Europe and started this blog to inspire others to follow me in taking the leap towards their dream life.

Follow me in the ultimate pursuit of happiness, but don’t blame me for getting sidetracked by all the amazing experiences along the way!

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